Getting there!

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I have just surfaced from fighting a long tedious legal battle for my beautiful daughter, disabled by medical negligence – I am sure lots of my customers will remember her bubbly personality in the shop and some of you will … Continued


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Found myself wide awake recently (not unusual), too tired to do anything constructive and noticed Populaire was being aired on TV and just about to start.   I usually find the 24 hour news is all there is left to … Continued

George Galloway

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Good luck to George Galloway on launching his campaign to become Mayor of London this coming Sunday 14th June,  I do hope he succeeds, of course he will if he wears the 1940s dinner jacket he purchased at my shop … Continued

End of an era

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I wonder where the Miss Marple’s costumes worn in the Poirot series end up, once she has finished with them.  I feel it’s only fair they are returned to the previous owner i.e me!  Joking aside I hope they continue … Continued