Getting there!

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I have just surfaced from fighting a long tedious legal battle for my beautiful daughter, disabled by medical negligence – I am sure lots of my customers will remember her bubbly personality in the shop and some of you will know her beautiful voice.  We have won part of the battle but still have the war to win and the appeal process could take years, I therefore decided I must give more attention to all of you out there who have supported me in Notting Hill Gate and beyond.  I have started this process by listing a beautiful lawn cotton Victorian gown with a few small repairs, hardly visible except one, carefully carried out by yours truly. I had to have something to concentrate on other than the legal stuff and I think this example of my handy work will see me in good stead.  During my twenty five years in Notting Hill Gate, this elegant garment would have been drooled over by museum personnel, Japanese stylists and high end models who had the figure to wear such delicate specimens to name a few.   I am hoping this post will reach like minded people, as it is a rare occasion one finds such a fine example of history which could be worn as a bridal gown,

confirmation ceremony or just displayed for its elegance.